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MONGEMO is an always-on PD monitoring system designed for rotating machines like generators and motors. It continuously gathers and analyzes PD data to evaluate stator winding insulation, offering detailed trend analyses for timely maintenance decisions.

Remote Data Access

Reliable Data

Detailed Measurement

Auto-alert Problems


Schaeffler is a global automotive and industrial technology company headquartered in Germany. They are known for their expertise in manufacturing bearings and components for various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and industrial sectors. Schaeffler produces a wide range of products and solutions related to motion and mobility, including engine components, transmission systems, and precision bearings.

Brugg Cable
Brugg Cables is an innovative Swiss cable and accessories manufacturer with an extensive range of services in the field of power transmission and distribution.

“Brugg Cables – Well connected”
Rugged Monitoring

Rugged Monitoring is a company that provides fiber optic temperature sensors, monitors, and software for industrial, automotive, medical, RF/Microwave, energy, research lab, e-mobility, food & beverage, and other applications. They have a team of industry-leading experts with over 100 years of combined experience in fiber optic sensing technology


Framatome Empath is a comprehensive digital platform developed by Framatome, a leading nuclear energy solutions provider. It is designed to enhance the efficiency and safety of nuclear power plants by leveraging advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to monitor and optimize plant operations, ultimately improving performance and reliability.